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Alison West writes every day. Her stories can be found on her blog, or on amazon, or hidden away in the recesses of her Evernote account. If you're looking for a good story, I present to you the books page. If you're looking for a writer at reasonable cost, hire me.

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Overrun: Separated

The 'Garants (aliens) have destroyed the city. Lincoln gave the group up to the human militia group called the Straight Scrappers to save them from the slaughtering witches. Now Kate, Tessa and Jake are being taken to a human settlement for a very specific purpose: to further the human race. But the ex-cons are not allowed. So Lincoln has to make a choice: figure out how to defeat a group of militia men without weapons or let Tessa, Kate and Jake go. Which will he choose? And what will it cost him?

"I like the way this is crafted, the writing is clear and straightforward and cleverly leaves clues that avow that there are interesting mysteries to be revealed. The way the author gives these clues is subtle and demonstrates in just 10 pages that there is a story here I want to find out about and a writer I want to read. Recommended." - Ron Baker