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Alison West writes every day. Her stories can be found on her blog, or on amazon, or hidden away in the recesses of her Evernote account. If you're looking for a good story, I present to you the books page. If you're looking for a writer at reasonable cost, hire me.

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Publications... A.k.a. Short Stories, Novellas and Novels.

All the stories listed here can be found exclusively on Amazon. They are also free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Novellas / Short Stories

From Above:
A short story about how a woman who isn't native to this planet, reacts to her father hunting her down. He plans to bring her back to their home planet to undergo a major change. She, however, has other plans.

Serial Fiction

Overrun: The Night is Long (Part One):
Lincoln is released from prison, but the world has changed completely. Now he must try to find the woman he went to prison to protect in the midst of aliens, witches, and a strange group of men.

Overrun: Falling Behind (Part Two):
The city is mostly destroyed. Lincoln hopes to find Tessa here, but instead he gets his first real glimpse of the attackers from the other world. Can he stay hidden enough not to be caught?

Overrun: No Escaping The City (Part Three):
Tessa is stuck with three ex-convicts in an underground hideout. Lincoln just met Kate, the redhead with the hideout apartment in the city. The 'Garants are on the move. Will Tessa and Lincoln be able to escape them? Will Lincoln ever find Tessa and his three friends from prison? Or will he decide to stick around with Kate who obviously knows the ins and outs of the city?

Overrun: Separated (Part Four):
The 'Garants have destroyed the city. When the witches that slaughter humans for food got too close, Lincoln gave the group up to the human militia called the Straight Scrappers. Now Kate, Tessa and Jake are being taken to a human settlement for a very specific purpose: to further the human race. But the ex-cons are not allowed. So Lincoln has to make a choice: figure out how to defeat a group of militia men without weapons or let Tessa, Kate, and Jake go. Which will he choose? And what will it cost him?


Simplicity is sophistication:
Excerpt: "Everything now is geared toward simplicity. Writing for our audiences on the web? Well, for many of us creating content at colleges and universities, the words on our websites aren't always so straightforward. With so many stakeholders and audiences to please, we are still afraid parents will find grammatical errors than we are that our message is understood. We imagine that the dense (and sometimes opaque) language we use, not the stories we tell, defines the quality of our institution."